Women are never safe in this world. Not on the road or in-home. They have to face abuse, harassment, and many problems always. But nowadays, physical abuses have increased recently in this lockdown situation. We are living in a world full of danger. Every day, we come across more than one violent crime, and the most significant threats are towards women. Women become mostly victims of crimes of different aspects. They find it very hard to feel secure no matter where ever they go. They feel afraid in their daily life. That’s why self defense classes are essential for them.

This way, they never get the feel of true freedom, not even at home, which is unfair to women. No matter if they go to school, college, market, office, clubs, shopping mall, restaurant, even in their car, they feel a sense of insecurity. So, to feel empowered, women must learn to protect themselves at first.

The Necessity Of Self Defense Classes:

We get to know about women being sexually harassed everywhere; men use to cat call girls, take advantage of them in public places, harm girls without considering age, appearance, caste, or color. Neither the government nor the states can help them out from these threats. Even the workplace can’t ensure their safety. So, they have to take charge of their hands. Only women can make them empowered by joining self-defense classes. Women must learn self-defense these days more than ever. It will allow them to build themselves physically strong and mentally confident. This is the only way to secure their safety.

Benefits Of Self-Defense:

By learning self-defense, women can have many advantages. It teaches girls to defend themselves from any attack. Most people think that learning defense skills will be only beneficial for the body, but the majority of the advantage is mental. When women learn to save themselves, they feel confident more than anything. They start to shine more by gaining confidence. A simple college girl fell nervous when she goes to attend her classes. She becomes afraid to think that men can harass her there. This type of thought can always bother her, and it will make her potentially down.

She will not be attentive to her studies. Women often hesitate to go to clubs or go out for a drink, which is not fair to them to feel always scared. And it is common for every woman. Being afraid is not an option; they should know to protect themselves and go out freely. Women will be more confident and fearless in their lives if they can save themselves from the threats and a criminal. When someone attacks, usually women get freeze out of panic, self-defense classes will train them to deal immediately when a criminal attack.

The most crucial advantage of women having self-defense training is they feel empowered. The martial arts help build a strong mentality, focus on whatever you do, and be physically fit. The confidence provided by self-defense training will transcend women from being afraid of society to empowered.

Materially the main benefit of learning any martial art is, it gives you the physical ability to defend your body when attacked by anyone. Men often try to take advantage of women. Self-defense is the best way to stop that. These techniques are life-saving, so it should be mandatory for every woman to go to self defense classes.

Online Classes Are Necessary Now:

 In this pandemic and lockdown situation, people are stuck at home, and most people don’t go out if it’s not necessary for them. So, the number of domestic violence has increased. From some surveys, it is observed that, as not many people go out in public places, physical abuse has improved much. Almost all educational institutes are going online. Unlike others, self defense classes are essential.

So, martial art schools should start their online self-defense classes as soon as possible. It will be beneficial for every woman. Many homemaker women can’t go out from home every day to attend classes. Online self-defense classes will bring an opportunity for them to learn self-defense.

Women are an essential part of our society. Without them, no civilization could have a revolution. Though every country and every citizen is free now, women cannot feel that freedom in our male-dominated society. Without the empowerment of women, our community will be unable to go ahead. It is essential for women to feel freedom and be empowered. And for that, learning self-defense technique is also necessary for the advancement of our society.