Best Pregnancy and Maternity Clothes You Should Try in 2022

Best Maternity Clothes

When you’re expecting a child, shopping for new clothes is one of the many rites of passage you’ll go through in your life. No matter if it’s something you’re looking forward to or dreading, the good news is that there are several brands to select from for every budget and style desire to discover maternity clothes that’s comfortable, flattering, and reasonably priced.

The items we review include all forms of pregnant apparel and accessories, including leggings, jeans, and gym clothes, as well as breastfeeding bras, covers, and other items. We also review baby strollers, diaper bags, and other items for new parents.

The fabrics used in the garments, any special features on the garments, the value of the garments, and genuine user feedback are all elements considered by our fibre scientists and product specialists when determining the finest maternity apparel. Continue reading to find out more about our favorite options, but first, here’s what you should keep in mind while shopping for maternity apparel.

Is it worthwhile to purchase maternity clothing?

Yes, without a doubt! While you may be able to get away with wearing some flexible or flowing styles that aren’t designed for pregnant women, it’s likely that you’ll want at least some clothing that is designed to suit your expanding belly.

You should try shopping from inexpensive labels, purchasing pre-owned items, or selecting designs that you can continue wearing after pregnancy if you are concerned about spending too much on clothing you will not wear long term.

At what point should you begin to dress in maternity clothes?

While every woman’s body and bump size is different, the majority of pregnant women begin to dress in maternity apparel during the second trimester. Some women may even discover that wearing pregnancy-specific clothing at the end of their first trimester is more comfortable than wearing their regular clothes, even if their regular clothes still fit.

In any case, by the time you reach 20 weeks (i.e., the halfway point), you can anticipate that your bump will be visible and that you will need to adjust your clothing to accommodate it. Maintain your regular clothes size when pregnant; for example, if you typically wear a medium, you won’t need to purchase an extra-large because you’re expecting a child or are nursing an infant.

Stretchy panels on pants and ruching on shirts are some of the elements that maternity companies incorporate to accommodate growing bulge. Here are the greatest maternity clothing for expectant moms that may be worn during your pregnancy and even into your postpartum days, including all sorts of garments to construct your new wardrobe.

1. Best Basic Maternity Clothes: Motherhood Maternity

Motherhood Maternity clothes

Motherhood Maternity is a one-stop shop for all of the basics and must-haves to wear during your pregnancy, including layering items that allow you to make many looks out of a single piece. The brand offers everything from casual clothes to business attire, as well as loungewear, outerwear, and undergarments for men, women, and children.

The pricing is reasonable, with many pieces costing less than $50, but it is not inexpensive, so you can expect it to survive even if you wear it again and over (and over again). We also appreciate that it is available in a variety of sizes, including standard, tall, petite, and plus sizes, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

2. Best Value Maternity Clothes: Old Navy

Old Navy

If you’re searching for affordable products that don’t sacrifice quality, Old Navy’s maternity area is full of items that are comfy, adaptable, and fashionable. Clothing is on the casual side, with basics, activewear, and loungewear, but there is also a dress collection with drapey shapes that can be worn to work.

The prices are reasonable, too. Despite the fact that the costs are already affordable, keep a watch out for discounts: The business regularly gives discount codes that may be used to get even more savings.

3. Best Trendy Maternity Clothes: Asos

Asos pregnancyy

Asos is your best choice if you’re looking for cute clothing that won’t break the bank. You may even want to wear some of the styles even if you are not pregnant since they are so adorable. Many of the items are embellished with lace, sequins, and vibrant designs, making them ideal for date night, weddings, and any other occasion where you need to look your best.

Also available are pants in tall and petite sizes, as well as more basic maternity clothes from the company as well.

Stylish Pregnancy Clothes

If you’re anything like the majority of us and have spent a disproportionate amount of time in leggings and joggers over the past year or so, you’re no stranger to an elasticated waistband. It is SO much more than just size up or swapping out rigid clothing for stretchy when it comes to maternity wardrobe. In this case, we’re talking about fashionable garments that have been particularly made for a pregnant form while keeping comfort and practicality in mind.

Although you may have days when you simply want to stay in bed (don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with pregnant nightwear), on the days when you need to get things done, you’ll need a versatile wardrobe that allows you to look and feel your best while doing so without being too restrictive.


H&M is a mother-to-shopping be’s paradise, thanks to its extensive selection of practical nursing bras, easy-to-wear maternity leggings, and feel-fab body-con.

The neutral color palette allows it to be used in a variety of situations and makes it appear more expensive than it is. Our favourite part about this look is how they pair bump-hugging midis with a stylish overshirt.


Boohoo allows you to indulge in an online indulgence without depleting your credit card balance. Everything from a patterned maxi dress to a small smock-style dress is available, and all items are delivered quickly.

an opportunity to celebrate your changing shape and experiment with maternity fashions – since shopping should be enjoyable.


JoJo Maman Bebe is a favourite high-street maternity destination that consistently delivers nautical-inspired trends in a fresh color palette – great for infusing your wardrobe with a touch of traditional French flair.

Special note should be made of their exceptionally well-fitting maternity dungarees. Isn’t there a certain mama-to-be out there who simply appears to have everything motherhood-related down pat? These are the clothes she slips on in the morning with a ribbon in her hair and a pair of elegant heels to do errands around town.


When it comes to denim, GAP has a plethora of terrific alternatives for those who are always on the go. Its soft stretch denim, which is developed with a high waist and all-day comfort in mind, is used to create everything from classic blue skinnies to fashionable distressed maternity jeans. Petite? You’ll also find some very nice cropped maternity fashions here.

Aside from that, their fantastic pregnancy sportswear is well worth the investment – add some to your basket along with these camo print skinnies.