The notion of a typical fashion week has not existed for the past 18 months, and it has not occurred for the previous three fashion seasons. As a result of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the social restrictions that have resulted, designers have been unable to host catwalk shows in the manner in which we were accustomed, with many fashion houses turning to digital formats or hosting fashion trends shows without an audience, with some even abandoning the concept entirely.

However, in September, we witnessed a greater number of live fashion presentations than we had seen in a very long time. Fashion week was finally able to take place in a physical setting, despite the fact that schedules had not yet returned to normal in the four major fashion capitals. A number of designers returned to the catwalk for the first time since March 2020, thanks to a relaxation of restrictions in the four major fashion capitals.

Every significant catwalk moment you need to watch from New York, London, Milan, and Paris as designers from across the world showed their spring/summer 2022 collections is compiled here for your viewing pleasure. So, here are the best fashion trends from 2022!

fashion trends 2022

12 Biggest Fashion Trends for 2022

1. Jacquemus

As part of its new method, Jacquemus did not exhibit its spring/summer 2022 collection in September, but instead held a display this week, just before the clothes went on sale in retail locations nationwide. This was the first time the brand has performed outside of France, and they chose to do it on a beach in O’ahu, Hawaii, to commemorate the milestone.

As the perfect companion to the colourful ‘Le Splash’ collection, the Hawaiian islands, with their awe-inspiring scenery, different temperatures, and vast biodiversity, struck out as a standout. As a visitor to Hawai’i, Jacquemus is taking great care to respect the environment, culture, and way of life of the Hawaiian people.

They are generally collaborating with individuals and companies from Oahu and the surrounding islands in order to leave as little of a carbon imprint as possible.

2. Celine

It was chosen by Celine to exhibit its spring/summer 2022 collection on Nice’s famous Promenade Des Anglais, a location that was originally developed by the English nobility as a second house for their winter stay in the 18th century.

In honour of this historic setting, Hedi Slimane showed his latest fashion trends collection, named ‘Baie des Anges,’ in a stunning catwalk video made by Hedi Slimane himself and starring Kaia Gerber.

3. Alexander McQueen

For the first time in five years, Naomi Campbell concluded the Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2022 show in London, which marked the brand’s first appearance in the capital since 2011. The ‘London Skies’ catwalk event was staged in a specially created dome with a view of the city skyline and was entitled as such.

The elements were represented in many ways throughout the collection, from dreamy cloud designs to outfits inspired by the unpredictability of storm chasing to variations on the brilliant night sky and everything in between.

4. Louis Vuitton

Described by Nicolas Ghesquière as “le grand bal de l’époque,” the spring/summer 2022 collection was “a celebration of extravagance with a fantasy collection that bowed to the house’s past but also included some of the more relaxed touches that the creative director has become renowned for.”

Given that Louis Vuitton is presently commemorating what would have been the 200th birthday of its founder, it was a fitting conclusion to the first real-life Paris Fashion Week in in years.

5. Chanel

The Nineties were the decade of inspiration for Virginie Viard, who paid homage to Karl Lagerfeld’s supermodel-studded catwalks of the decade with a presentation that reproduced the typical runway scenario, replete with photographers leaning on the catwalk. She created the collection as a tribute to the creative director who came before her.

The fashion trends collection included Nineties swimwear and Clueless-inspired skirt suits, among other things. Due to the fact that fashion is all about clothing, models, and photographers.

6. Miu

A collection that had the shortest tiny skirts we had ever seen and a focus on office-wear, but done in a very back-to-school manner, Miuccia Prada’s first Miu show since returning to the runway was a success. There were plenty of layered shirting and knitwear, and the waistbands were kept low to the waist and hemlines were kept exceedingly short.

7. Lanvin

In its SS22 collection, dubbed ‘Comic Strip,’ Lanvin re-examined the meaning of the label, its marks and signifiers, as well as its essential definition, according to the maison.

In the same way that Lanvin helped define the 1920s, the 2020s will be characterized by a Lanvin that is a conversation between past and future. The collection by Bruno Sialelli is an homage to the house’s identity and ideas, which has been remixed to reflect the current state of the globe.

8. Zimmermann

Throughout the season, we looked at the concepts of strength and fragility. We were thinking about dancing, and how much we admire the force and athleticism, as well as the delicate movement and fluidity, that a dancer demonstrates on stage. It was also an opportunity to take a closer look at nature, with all of its beauty and tenacity.

As a result of these inspirations, we approached each part of the collection with a sense of balance in mind.

9. Stella McCartney

Summer 2022 inspires a sensual femininity; a visual story that invites Stella women to reinvent sexiness via emotions of softness and lightness; and a visual narrative that conjures a sensual femininity. Using unexpected ideas such as themes of exploration and extension of awareness, the brand’s distinctive effortlessness is further developed in these pieces.

Stella McCartney makes a triumphant return to the runway with a collection inspired by the compelling belief that mushrooms represent the future of fashion. The presentation was shot at Espace Niemeyer in Paris.

10. Valentino

A shift in viewpoint is required. Even while fashion is conceived in the studio and made in the atelier, it is on the street that it comes to life and becomes real, encountering the imperfections of living on a daily basis and illuminated by the individuality of the wearer’s identity.

A blurring of the borders between the insider and the outsider was achieved by Pierpaolo Piccioli, who staged his display in the Carreau du Temple marketplace and nearby cafés and restaurants, before walking through the public streets and into the official show venue. In addition, the collection pays homage to the Valentino heritage by reproducing five famous items that could be worn in different ways.

‘Valentino: Rendez-Vous’ was the title of the house’s first ready-to-wear presentation since the epidemic began, which took place in New York City on September 12.

11. Loewe

Loewe’s spring/summer 2022 show was presented at the equestrian arena at La Garde Républicaine, a historic venue in the heart of Paris, where models came through the floor, from a concealed underground room. Jonathan Anderson directed the event. Following the outbreak of the pandemic, the collection was touted by the house as “a renaissance.” The collection was the first to be seen on a runway since the outbreak began. There is an unapologetic outpouring of innovation on the runway this season, with provocative, sensuality, and movement serving as a decisive point of departure.

12. Givenchy

For the spring/summer 2022 collection, fashionists wanted to carry on the tradition of Givenchy’s past while also looking forward to the next chapter in the company’s history. In order to accomplish this, they collaborated with individuals they admire from a variety of disciplines who each brought a truly unique perspective to the project.

These individuals included the artist Josh Smith, whose iconic work is featured throughout the collection, and the musician Young Thug, who composed the entire score for the show.