Your skin is the easiest victim to fall prey to harsh weather conditions depending on your natural habitat. Without a doubt, you and your skin do get used to the living environment when you have to endure nature constantly, but you are likely to suffer from anything natural in urban parts. Pollution, UV rays from the sunlight, dry and humid weather depending on coastal areas, etc., can severely have long-lasting damage on your skin at a differential yet steady level every day. This, in turn, on longer exposures with no cleansing or proper treatment can make your sensitive skin oily or dry or even cause acne if you have a susceptible skin layer.

People are vastly unaware of how badly they treat their skin daily. Most people don’t even know the type or category their skin falls into. Knowing exactly what kind of skin you have and how you should take proper care can drastically change the type of product you use to apply on your skin and help you the next time you turn to buy cosmetics.

In some cases, using the wrong products shows an allergic reaction to your skin type or disturbs the harmony of the layers; it can, in turn, cause a reverse reaction effect causing even more acne, dryness, rough patches, and other skin related issues. This level of severe setbacks may have made you think if a trip to a dermatologist is necessary. To save you from this trouble, we have prepared a guide to increase your awareness and add wonders to your skincare,

A Clean Daily Routine for Sensitive Skin To Begin

It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have, and an everyday skincare check can help you sustain and maintain overall healthy & beautiful skin and help you reduce your concerns regarding dark spots, scars, acne, etc., and it’s simple too! Just carry these four steps below, which are made for every average Joe,

  1. Moisturizers: Even the skins’ oiliest need moisturizers, although they are advised to use lightweight and gel-based, making sure that the one doesn’t block your pores. On the other hand, dry skin benefits a lot from cream-based products. The texture and type of any moisturizer are generally labeled on the box.
  • Cleansing: You must choose a cleanser that leaves your skin relaxed, soft and smooth after you wash it. If the cleanser tightens your skin layer, it probably isn’t fit for you to apply it to your skin. Clean your face at least once a day and not more than twice on bad dry days and depending on how dry your skin stays. Make sure you don’t wash away the gooey layer you feel after applying and washing your face. The absence of it means the natural oils of your skin are gone.
  • Serums: Growing popular with generations, serums comprising of vitamin C or peptides would work wonders in the morning under sunscreen. While at night, retinol works the best. Although, excess use of serums may even inversely affect your skin depending on the heavy amount of use.
  • Sunscreen: Sunscreen with at least 30SPF should be applied for an average of 15 minutes before you rush outdoors as all types of sunscreen take a while to activate. In reality, people with a darker skin tone need more sun protection because hyperpigmentation is even harder to correct.

Make sure to choose products with the correct labels and skin types to maintain healthy skin.

It’s a Man thing – Sensitive Skin

Have sensitive skin when it comes to grooming and shaving? We understand that no matter the gender, every person has a unique skin composition, while some may be hyper-sensitive when using products for shaving. Had enough of rough red patches appearing after every shave?

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Have rough facial hair which is left sharp even after a shave? Worry not, this cream moisturizes and lubricates your entire area covered and ensures smooth and soft skin, clean of hair. Proudly made in the states, go carefree as you use our product to protect your skin while you shave.