Top 10 Treks in India You Won’t Want to Miss

To help you plan your next trip to India, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite trekking destinations in the country. Whether you’re looking for something easy or challenging, we’ve got you covered! So stop dreaming and start packing for the top 10 treks in India!

Here are our top 10 treks in India you won’t want to miss…

1) Chopta Trek

Located in the Garhwal Himalayas, the Chopta trek is a short and sweet hike. The whole trail can be done in two days, with one day for hiking and another for exploring Chopta village. The best time of year to do such treks in India is from October through November.

The trail starts at a low altitude and gradually ascends up towards Chopta village. Along the way you’ll find scenic views, waterfalls, streams, ponds, rhododendrons forests and beautiful mountain vistas.

Chopta is also known as the second Kedarnath because of its association with Lord Shiva who made his home here after being exiled by Lord Vishnu for interrupting his meditation during the creation of the world.

2) Chadar Trek

The Chadar Trek is a trek that crosses the frozen Zanskar River in Ladakh, Northern India. The trek can be difficult and treacherous due to the unpredictable weather, but it’s well worth it for the stunning views of the Himalayas.

It is recommended that you do this trek between December and February when the weather is at its most predictable. Keep in mind that if you’re not used to cold temperatures, this trek may be a little challenging.

3) Kuari Pass Trek

Kuari Pass Trek is one of the most popular treks in India, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s a short trek that follows the snow-capped Himalaya and has a relatively moderate difficulty level. It can be done by anyone who is reasonably fit, but those with any sort of health concerns should consult their doctor before attempting it. The trail takes you through some of the most beautiful mountain terrain around, and offers amazing views on a clear day. If you’re lucky, you may even get glimpses of wildlife roaming through the forest. There are two starting points for this trek: Khajjiar Village or Kuari Village near Manali.

4) Markha Valley Trek

A trek through the Markha Valley is a fantastic way to experience the Himalayas without being too far from civilization. The Valley is home to some of the most beautiful forests, lakes, and meadows found anywhere in India, which makes it popular for day-long hikes as well as overnight treks.

We recommend this trek for those seeking a more intimate experience with nature. It’s also perfect for those looking for an introduction into high altitude trekking before tackling something more challenging!

5) Stok Kangri Trek

Stok Kangri Trek is one of the most popular treks in India, which is located in the Ladakh region and is a part of the Himalayan range. This trek will take you through some of the most remote and untouched parts of Ladakh including Zanskar valley, Hemis Monastery, and Darcha-Leh highway. The Stok Kangri peak that lies at an elevation of 6,906 meters will be your first major challenge on this trek. It’s a steep but rewarding climb that takes about three days to complete. If you are an experienced mountaineer then this might be a good place for you to test your skills!

6) Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha is an imposing mountain range and one of the most popular trekking destinations in Uttarakhand. It is also known as ‘The Gateway to Garhwal Himalaya’ and offers a vast variety of landscapes, flora and fauna. The height of the trek ranges from 2,400 mts. to 3,700 mts with a total height difference of 1,000 meters.

7) Pin Parvati Trek

The Parvati Trek is one of the most popular treks in India in the Himalayan region, and this is because it is challenging yet rewarding. The trek will take you through snowy mountains, lush green valleys, and picturesque villages that are untouched by civilization. The Parvati Valley runs parallel with the Himalayas on its south side, giving you a great view of some of the highest peaks including Mt Kailash and Mt Shivling.

8) Sandakphu Trek

Sandakphu Trek is one of the most beautiful treks in India as well as in the world. A three-day trek, it starts from Hikkim and ends at Sandakphu. It takes you through villages, forests, rivers and snow-capped peaks.

9) Dodital Trek

The Dodital Trek takes place in Uttarakhand and covers some of the most beautiful landscapes from the Western Himalayas. This trek is an experience of a lifetime, with many peaks to conquer and valleys to explore. The views on this trek are so spectacular that they will remain etched in your memory forever.

10) Goecha La Trek

The Goecha La Trek is a trekking route that winds its way through the Zanskar and Lahaul valleys, crossing over the Goecha La Pass at an altitude of over 5,600 meters. The pass has one of the most beautiful views on earth: snow-capped peaks of the Himalaya from west to east and beyond.