Introduction to one of the Best Cities in Cotswolds

The Cotswold’s is a region in England rich with history and breathtaking beauty. It has an abundance of unique Cotswold wedding venues where you can get married. Stratford upon Avon is one of England’s best-loved cities, with a rich history and a beautiful modern culture. Geographically situated on the north bank of the River Avon, it is home to Elizabethan Stratford-upon-Avon and Shakespeare’s birthplace, as well as providing lots of things to do and see.

With plenty of pretty houses and gardens, a famous college and an array of festivals, Stratford offers something for everyone. And, if you’re lucky enough to be here during the time of year that Shakespeare’s plays are performed, the city is full of people celebrating the Bard’s work. 

Why Cotswolds is Considered as the Best Wedding Venue in Region?

To start with, the Cotswold’s are a beautiful part of England, and wedding venues here can be just as charming as anywhere else. Plus, the surrounding countryside is perfect for photos and videography, and many couples choose to get married in one of the local churches.

Another thing to consider when choosing a Cotswold wedding venue is the availability of ceremony spaces. Many of the country estates that offer weddings also have gardens or courtyards that can be used for ceremonies. And finally, if you want to host your wedding in a Cotswold wedding venue, it’s important to make sure there’s space for all of your guests.

Find a great spot for your wedding – If you’re planning your wedding in the Cotswold’s, you’ll want to make sure that there are plenty of options when it comes to finding a venue. There are many beautiful country houses and manors in the region, as well as some fantastic hotels that can host your big day. It’s also worth noting that some of the more exclusive hotels accept weddings, so if you don’t mind spending a little extra money, you could choose to have your wedding with one of these locations.

Why Choose A Country House Wedding?

If you’re looking for a romantic location for your wedding ceremony or reception, look no further than a country house venue. Charming, historic family homes can offer the perfect backdrop for your special day. They’re also often in close proximity to a vibrant village, so you can enjoy some delicious food and drink whilst socializing with friends and family. You might also be lucky enough to stay in the same hotel as you have your wedding reception!

If you’re looking for a wedding venue that is both unique and breathtaking, then you should definitely consider booking a wedding at one of the beautiful Cotswold wedding venue. Not only are these venues located in some of the most picturesque areas in England, but they also come with all the amenities you could possibly need to make your day perfect.

Plus, many of Cotswold wedding venues offer stunning views of the countryside, making for some truly unforgettable photos and videos. So why wait? Browse through our list of Cotswold wedding venue and find the perfect location for your dream wedding!

What to look for in a Cotswold wedding venue?

When planning your wedding, it is important to choose the right venue. Here are some things to look for when choosing a Cotswold’s wedding venue:

  • Is the staff friendly and accommodating?
  • Has the property been well maintained?
  • Is the venue’s reputation for quality good?
  • Is the venue’s reputation for quality good?
  • Does it have a special service such as catering or photography, or does it specialize in weddings only?

For more things to consider when looking for a Cotswold wedding venue and some of the best ones here in England, keep reading below.

Exeter, Cheltenham and Gloucester

If you’re looking for a Cotswold wedding venue, then you’ll be spoilt for choice! Not only are there some of the UK’s most beautiful places to tie the knot, but each location has its own unique charms that will make your special day truly unforgettable. Here are four of the best:

1. Exeter Cathedral: This medieval gem is perfect if you’re looking for something rustic and charming. The ceremony space is large and atmospheric, while the gardens offer stunning views of the city. Plus, there are plenty of nearby eateries if you get hungry during your photos.

2. Cheltenham Spa: Nestled in the heart of the Cotswold’s, this historic town is famous for its lavish weddings. The opulent churches here are perfect venues for grand ceremonies, while the gardens and lakeside setting provide breathtaking backdrop for pictures. There’s also a range of excellent restaurants in town should you get puckish during your reception.

3. Gloucester Cathedral: With its impressive size and ancient architecture, this cathedral is perfect if you want something imposing as your wedding venue.


If you are planning a wedding in the Cotswold’s, then be sure to take a look at some of our recommended Cotswold wedding venues. We have compiled a list of some of the most beautiful and unique places to tie the knot in this picturesque part of England. Whether you are looking for an idyllic country setting or want something with more contemporary appeal, we have it all here. So why wait? Get started planning your dream Cotswold’s wedding now!