Want a dog, maybe a bonding pair? You’ve wanted one for years. We hope you’ve done some research and think this is your breed. Please read on if you are not familiar with the breed. Some things about pug puppies are not found in all books, which may mean that pugs are not suitable for you.

Let me start by saying that no two dogs are alike. Don’t assume that your dog will be because your neighbor’s dog is a slug. It’s a huge mistake to judge all pugs by your experience with one or two. They can vary significantly in energy, intelligence, and mood, from going with the flow to being in charge of everything.

Overall generalizations that tend to be true:

  • Blacks tend to be busier and have more demeanor than shadows.
  • Females tend to be more compact and more in your face than males.
  • Males tend to be more relaxed and easygoing than females.
  • Of course, there are exceptions to all of the above.

Pug puppies for sale

You’ve undoubtedly read about how sweet, affectionate, cuddly, and low-energy pugs are. So you’ll be horrified when you find your puppy is a dervish of energy that cuddles for 30 seconds and then sets off again to race around the house, leaving destruction in its path. Pugs are no different from any other puppy. Expect to nibble, chew, bite, jump, and pull at your feet, shoe destruction, and general chaos.

Here’s the truth. No pup is a couch potato. They are all free—some more than others. You likely won’t have potato dogs on the couch until at least two, and your dog may not be a potato. Pug puppies for sale near me from reputable breeders will likely have the ultimate pug temperament, but even they will be friends as puppies.

If your puppy is from the internet, a pet store, or an ad in a newspaper, it’s up to grab what kind of mood you might end up with. You may get a dog with a solid, stable temperament that is the signature of the breed, but you may also end up with a high-energy, high-energy pug who will not settle for several years, if ever.

How to train Pug Puppies?

One of the best ways to get rid of a puppy (or any other busy dog) is to involve them in activities that keep them working and thinking. This is why obedience lessons are so great – they may take no more than an hour, but they are challenging to learn and take away the “advantage” of a busy dog.

Pugs were bred and bred to be companion animals. They need people. If you go for long periods and are too tired to handle your dog when you get home from work, your dog is probably not the dog for you. And pugs will need you to interact with them. They will ask for it (as most adults do).

Just like babies, puppies’ brains need stimulation and activity to develop. A puppy in a crate for eight to ten hours will be completely obsessed when you get home and require you to make the rest of the evening for them. They are called Velcro dogs, so if you don’t want a dog anywhere, you’re around all the time (including in the bathroom!), reconsider getting a Pug.

The black pug is a purebred dog with black pigmentation. It is not a subspecies of the pug breed but rather a color variant. Black is one of the standard coat colors for the Pug dog breed recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Official Coat Colors of Pug Puppies

There are only two officially recognized coat colors for the pug breed, which are black and fawn. Black pugs are less common than fake ones, although not considered rare.

Black clays look identical to other clays except for an overall black color. Their entire body is covered in black fur, although some may show white markings.

In terms of personality, the black pug remains the cute and terrifying pug we all know. However, they are friendly and get along well with children and other pets.

Surprisingly, the black pug has only recently gained popularity. At the time, they were hated because many believed a genetic abnormality caused their coloration.

Do black pug puppies change color as they grow?

It is usual for black pug puppies for sale to show changes in their color as they mature. However, these changes are not so significant that you will see a fake pug turning into a black puppy.

Black pugs’ coat colors can either lighten or darken with age. However, this subtle change in the intensity of their color is average, and this usually occurs when their upper layers begin to grow.

Most black pugs change color between the ages of 6 and 12 months. However, others may change their coat color later until 18 months.

While a change in coat color is very average, some color changes may be caused by intense sunlight, poor diet, skin conditions, or medications. If your black dog suddenly changes color and is out of the blue, see a vet immediately.

Black pug dogs for sale

Black pug puppies from reputable breeders usually cost around $500 to $1,000, although this can go up depending on the breed of the pug and the breeder’s reputation. This is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the more popular fawn Pug, which costs between $1,000 and $1,800. Meanwhile, adoption fees for rescued puppies for sale at local animal shelters cost about $100 to $300. If you plan on taking a black dog as a pet, you should also consider the expenses associated with owning one.