June 15, 2024

Guide on Selecting The Right Glass Shower Enclosure For your Bathroom

Shower enclosure

Want to give your bathroom a sense of uniqueness? Yes, you can start from renovating your bathroom flooring, window glass, bathroom mirror, bathroom door and many more doable in your house. But still it will not look that much modern. So what should be done then? Well, you can opt for a frameless glass shower enclosure installation in your bathroom customized by the best glass installers in your area. It will also cost less as compared to other renovation and remodeling tasks. It is east to remodel the bathroom with frameless glass shower in under 3 hours or less. This will also provide a sense of privacy, and is easier to cleanup.

But before you get to the shower glass installers for installation, you must remember to ask few questions to them. Here are some questions that customers ask to us. They are as follows:

1. How much does a glass shower enclosure Installation Cost?

The cost of glass shower installation depends on various factors such as type of shower installation, shape, glass material to be used, size of shower glass, labor charges, installation charges, etc. So, as you get to the glass contractor for a price quote on glass shower installation, you should ask them the price range. This is important as you would know your budget to install a glass shower in your bathroom. Get quotes from different glass installers to find the average cost of shower installation and then chose one of them on the basis of experience, trustworthiness and their customers feedbacks.

2. Which one is a better Framed, Semi-Frameless or Frameless Shower?

As you will get different price quotes for different types of glass shower enclosures, there is a chance that you will get confused among them. So to get out of the dilemma, you should ask the glass installers to describe more about the pros and cons of each one of the glass showers. Then you would come to a point that frameless glass showers are expensive.

3. Why Are Frameless Glass Showers Enclosure So Expensive?

Frameless glass shower is a costly affair than other two types Framed and Semi-frameless because the glass used in this is thicker than the other two types. So why do you choose them? Because it gives a complete modern look to your bathroom and your bathroom will be more spacious in this case. The type of shower uses only glass panels attached with the help of hinges. There is no metal frame used to hold the glass panels. The thickness of glass ranges between 3/8” and 1/2″.

4. Do Frameless Glass Showers Enclosure Leak?

Since frameless glass showers are increasing in popularity, many customers have a doubt in their mind about the water leakage from Frameless glass shower. So, before you invest some handsome amount of money in your bathroom, you should ask the glass contractor about the water leakage of glass shower. Since frameless glass showers have very small gaps only at the hinges and small gaps at the sides of door, so only a very less leakage would occur. This can also be minimized by using proper sealing adhesive at the gaps.

5. Is there any warrantee for the glass installation?

Before you make a final call for installing a glass shower, make sure your glass contractor is providing warrantee for the glass. As you are about to spend a minimum of $600 for glass shower installation, you should ask the installer to give a warrantee card.


By know you would have made up your mind about the type, size, shape and budget for glass shower installation. You just need to call the glass contractor to schedule an installation of frameless glass shower enclosure.