Both the plywood sheets and OSB boards are made up of the smaller wooden pieces. That is the only thing that can be said to be a similarity between the plywood and OSB.

Plywood Sheet V/S OSB Board

  • Plywood sheets are made by sticking the thin layers of wood together with glue. The uppermost layer of the plywood is a hardwood, and that is why it appears to be like a top wood. The plywood is smaller in size as compared to the OSB boards. They can be up to 6 feet.
  • OSB boards are made by mixing together the strands of both hardwood and softwood, and that is the reason for their rougher texture. The fact that they have a rougher texture doesn’t make it possible for the paint or stain to stay on it and give it a finished look. They are larger in size and can be up to 12 feet.
  • The wood for the USB boards comes from the trees like aspen and poplar, which are cut into strands and then dried up before gluing them together.
  • Plywood sheets are comparatively expensive as compared to the OSB boards due to the thicker framework of the plywood sheets.


When it comes to durability, the OSB boards soak less water as compared to the plywood sheets, and that is why they are a preferred product in lower damp areas. They swell up and do not return to their original shape, whereas the plywood sheets soak water easily as well as dry up easily.

  • OSB boards are said to be more consistent, which means that a shopkeeper cannot fool you into buying a lower quality product because you get what you see. At the same time, the plywood sheets come in different sizes and quality.
  • Plywood boards have been proved to be more long-lasting as compared to the OSB boards. Plywood boards can be seen for over 50 years after being installed, whereas the OSB board can last only up to 30 years. But there are new OSB products in the market which have come with a waterproof feature that makes it last as long as the plywood.
  • OSB boards are an environmentally friendly option as it is made up of smaller wooden pieces so it can be made out of wood cut from smaller trees that take less time to grow. Plywood, on the other hand, is cut with the help of rotatory cuts and out of larger trees, which take years to grow.

Uses of plywood and OSB boards

  • Plywood sheets and OSB boards can be used for flooring purposes, but the plywood is also used for making marine or aviation tools.
  • They are used for making walls since they give a more natural look to the rooms and are easy to drill as well as strong enough to hold the nails.
  • Plywood sheets are also used for making furniture pieces such as chairs, tables, platforms can be made with the help of OSB boards, whereas plywood sheets are used in making beds or cabinets.
  • They are used in fencing as well as in making packaging boxes and stuff for a grand and luxurious looking gift sets by big brands.

Plywood Sheet or OSB Board – Which is better?

Both OSB boards and plywood sheets have their own advantages and disadvantages. But when it comes to the price, the OSB board being the cheaper option is much more popular in the market. It is also said that they have taken over the 75% share of the market as people have become more cost-conscious when it comes to using a wooden framework.