Kitchen chimneys are available from various brands in a wide range of designs and functionalities. In addition, as modular kitchens have become more popular and include cabinets for storing accessories, kitchen chimneys have also become more popular among people who wish to keep their kitchens as clean as possible. With their exquisitely designed kitchen wall mounted chimney, KAFF is a leading chimney brand that adds sophistication and elegance to your house and improves the quality of your cooking experience. In addition to providing stunning kitchen chimneys, KAFF offers affordable luxury with easy operation and maintenance.

With a wide range of sizes to choose from, Kaff wall mounted chimney for kitchen provides a balanced combination of beauty and sanitary cooking conditions, and that’s why they offer the best price on Kaff chimney as well.

Your kitchen chimney needs to keep your kitchen clean and free of oil and smoke. The number one brand of kitchen chimneys in the world is KAFF. A wide selection of Kitchen Chimneys is also available from this chimney brand, including stainless steel, crystal, and clear glass. Chimney designs by KAFF are famous for their uniqueness. The user-friendly, energy-saving, unique design of KAFF chimneys eliminates harsh odor from your kitchen, keeping it fresh all the time.

Something to Note About Kaff:

  • Quality of the product’s construction.
  • The inability of the suction motor to remove unhealthy fumes and smoke.
  • A product’s reliability depends on the components it contains.
  • Service after the sale is easy to obtain.

An effective kitchen chimney absorbs oil and odor while your kitchen is ventilated to enhance your cooking experience. Consider the size of your stove and kitchen when choosing a chimney. Your wall should effectively absorb smoke from wall mounted chimneyif its dimensions are slightly larger than the stoves.

A motion sensor on most Kaff models makes it possible for users to control functions by waving their hands. Oil and debris are also removed from the chimney using heat through an Oil Collector Tray and Thermal Auto-Clean technology.

In addition to the filterless design, Kaff also offers a sealed motor on another wall mounted chimney model. In this way, oil and debris are kept away from the motor. Another noteworthy feature of the chimney is that it has a monsoon sensor, making it possible for users to control it by waving their arms. Also included is an Oil Collector that collects oil and residues.

It is generally possible to purchase chimneys in two standard sizes: 90 cm and 60 cm. You can choose a 60 cm-wide chimney if you have a two-burner stove. Choosing a chimney with a width of 90 cm or more is recommended for stoves with three or more burners.

Depending on the design of your kitchen and the available space, you can choose from wall-mounted, island-mounted, or built-in mounting styles. They are ideal for kitchens where the cooking stove is mounted against a wall, as their name suggests.

Why a Wall Mounted Chimney?

It is mainly determined by the size of your hob/ stove, which determines the size of your chimney. In general, wall mounted chimney comes in 90cm and 60cm sizes. You should use a 90 cm chimney if your stove is a multi-burner or has more than three burners.

Your kitchen’s construction determines the mounting style. It is possible to install ceiling-mounted or island chimneys if you have a cemented duct through your roof. You should, however, ensure that the wall-mounted chimneyand duct have the same shape. Ensure that your chimney also has a round pipe for exhaust if your duct is round.

A wall-mounted chimney can be installed in a kitchen with a standard exhaust hole. A range of suction capacities is available with kitchen chimneys, from 700 m3/hr to 1600 m3/hr. The suction power can be adjusted according to the way you cook.

You can choose a suction power from 800 to 1000 if you are a vegetarian with less oily food consumption. I recommend non-vegetarians not to buy a chimney with a suction power below 1100. You should buy a wall-mounted chimney from Bajaj Mallwith a suction power above 1200 if you consume more deep-fried foods.

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