Nail Astrology – What Does Your Nails Say About You?

Although there are many ways to know about a person, but you can also know a lot about a person from nails of the person as studies in nail astrology. It is not said about keeping nails beautiful and decorated. The shape and color of the nail also tells your financial status and temperament. Even though they are made of dead cells, they are still an important part of our body.

Know what is like according to the nail, whose nature is.

Good nails:- Best nails signify economic progress.  Those whose nails are smooth, without stains, and the person whose nails are red, they are rich. The person whose nail size is half of the first knuckle of the finger, they come in the best category.

Pink nails:- the person who has pink nails and are pink, then it is also considered a symbol of good luck. If the nails of men are not deeply embedded in the flesh and are round, then it is an indicator of wealth. Such a person keeps on moving towards progress every day.

Stained nails:- a person who has spots on his nails and nails are not good in appearance, such a person is not able to make much progress in life. Their financial condition is normal. Nails having crooked and crooked lines indicate an unfavorable situation from an economic point of view.

Half moon on the nail:- if the nails of the fingers of the palm are seen carefully, then a crescent moon is seen between them. Some have more nails, some don’t have nails. These crescent moons keep on increasing and decreasing according to time. If a white crescent moon is seen in the root of the nails, then this sign indicates towards the progress of the person being auspicious. Such people move towards progress in future.

Short nails:- people whose nails are small in size are never rich in nature. Such persons are rude and selfish. These people can go to any extent to serve their interests.

Abnormal nails:- people whose nails look crooked and unusual, such persons should be avoided people with such nails are of criminal nature.

Short or yellow nails:-  people with short and yellow nails are by nature cunning. Whereas people with rounded nails are strong-minded and have the ability to take quick decisions.

Thin and long nails:- thin and long nails and people whose nails are thin and long, they are not able to take quick decisions and due to this tendency they have to suffer many times. And at the same time such people are addicted to drug.

Hard nails:- people whose nails are hard, such people are stubborn and obstinate in their nature along with quarrelsome tendencies. Such people who are determined, they get their breath only by doing. Whether it is right or wrong.

Who friend is good or bad for you:-

To know a person, you do not necessarily have to talk to him. You can easily know his behavior even after seeing him several times. Yes,  this information is available in palmistry. According to this, if you look at someone’s nails, then you can know the secret  hidden in their heart in a pinch. For example, many times people do not like anyone but do not even express it on the face. Yes, if you get a chance, do not leave any stone unturned to humiliate or bring down the person in front. If there are people around you who you see that they only pretend to be friends, then do not worry. Rather, keeping in  ind the tips mentioned here, take a look at their nails. After this you will understand that what is the secret hidden in his heart?

Such people can harm you:- even if the nails of a person are very small, be alert. It is said that such people may be rich in money matters but they are very narrow in thoughts. Make friends with anyone but do not stop thinking about their small benefits. However, they never express their views in front of others. That’s why stay away from such people.

Never believe in them too:- if a person’s nails are wide. Also, if their size is much smaller than normal, then be alert. Never tell the secrets of your heart to such people. Avoid believing in them completely as they can harm others for their own benefit at any time.

They are quite loyal, close your eyes and believe:- according to palmistry, the people whose nails are neither too short, nor too wide, but of normal size and shiny. So such people are very clean minded. They do not shy away from sacrificing their own happiness for the happiness of others. Such people think only about others in friendship, in relationships in job, and in business everywhere. They never  hurt anyone. Think of others before yourself. Therefore, you can trust such people with their eyes closed. If you need this type of services then contact to Astrologer in Naranpura.